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Incense, Incense Cones & Smudge Sticks

Incense releases fragrant smoke when burned and is used in therapy, meditation, ceremony and crystal cleansing, and may also be used as a simple deodorizer



Keep Burning Incense Away From Children And Pets

Light the tip until it glows red, Blow out the flame and place on a heat resistant fire proof receptacle or incense holder


Incense can be shipped Via Large Letter - (LETTER SIZE) if you do not mind the outer box removed, If you select this option for incense the outer box will be removed and you will receive the inside pack, I will cut the product label from the outside box and tape it to the inside pack so you can identify the fragrance

This will not harm the incense in any way and will still have protective packaging its just the cheaper postage option to save on postage costs



Up to 32% Off Selected Incense & Incense Cones

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