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Gypsum & Green Selenite Chunks

Natural Gypsym & Green Selenite Included

Crystal Chunks 


For Your Personal Collection, Crystal Healing, Or Just For Decoration.

All Crystal Journey Tasmania's Crystals And Minerals Come With A Brief Description Of

The Metaphysical Properties Of Each Stone.

All Crystal Journey Tasmania's Crystal And Minerals Are Genuine Natural Unless Other Wise Stated

~Please Note~

All Natural Crystal & Minerals may Contain Natural Flaws Or Fractures



Crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well-being. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.


Gypsum may be helpful in the elimination of feelings of being stuck and mired down with stagnant energy and perceived obstacles. Procrastination gone. Gypsum is a supportive energy base for character growth and personal improvement. Gypsum provides helpful balancing energies. When it feels like life is moving too fast, Gypsum is a helpful crystal tool providing grounding, stability, and sustainability. Gypsum creates mental calming and an understanding of thoughts so one may move forward with focus and clarity. Gypsum sets an energetic foundation for creativity and innovative use of materials. Gypsum fosters energetic support for bone strength and growth. Gypsum may be useful for improving the elasticity of skin and tissue.  Gypsum is associated with the Crown & Third Eye Chakras

Green Selenite assists in working toward the highest good. it makes you feel good about your self and helps you overcome the effects of aging on the skin and skeleton. It is a lovely stone to aid you to create a sense of community. They have a strong energy within the heart chakra and the thymus or higher heart chakra, that encourages compassion and forgiveness. Green Selenite has a lovely friendly vibration, that will help anyone who wants to be able to make friends with others. It is also a stone that will help you to make choices, and to adapt to change. They have a vibration that is very similar to White Selenite, but the addition of the copper to these stones makes the Green Selenite crystals have some different metaphysical properties.



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