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Atacamite Botryoidal Crystal Specimen - South Australia


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X1 Genuine Natural Botryoidal Atacamite

Crystal Specimen

Region: South Australia

10cm x 4cm x 1.5cm



A botryoidal texture or mineral habit is one in which the mineral has a globular external form resembling a bunch of grapes (botrys in ancient Greek) This is a common form for many minerals, particularly hematite, the classically recognized shape. It is also a common form of goethite, smithsonite, fluorite and malachite. This includes chrysocolla. Each sphere in a botryoidal mineral is smaller than that of a reniform mineral, and much smaller than that of a mamillary mineral. Botryoidal minerals form when many nearby nuclei, specks of sand, dust, or other particles, are present. Acicular or fibrous crystals grow radially around the nuclei at the same rate, appearing as spheres. Eventually, these spheres abut or overlap with those that are nearby. These nearby spheres are then fused together to form the botryoidal cluster.


Supplied With The Metaphysical Properties Of


Atacamite forcefully opens the third eye creating powerful visual images and a strong spiritual connection. Despite it's forcefulness it is a very safe crystal to use to stimulate spiritual visions aid visualization it is a stone of great clarity used in meditation it take the soul safely to the highest possible levels. Atacamite restores lost spiritual trust and promotes a connection to high guidance it is a useful stone to hold when journeying out of the body especially to the higher spiritual spheres. Atacamite works willingly to open the higher heart chakra bringing more unconditional love into your life and to stimulate the thymus gland and immune system functioning. Atacamite purifies the kidneys removing fear and promotes elimination at all levels it is a powerful cleaner for the etheric body and the brow chakra it can be used to head the genitals and is said to improve resistance to herpes and venereal disease. Place on the throat atacamite heals the thyroid gland opening the throat chakra and removing the blockages to self expression that can lie behind hypothyroidism with it calming green colour it is also beneficial for the nervous system overcoming stress and frayed nerves at a subtitle level.


Please Note*.. All natural crystals may contain fractures and flaws


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